Friday, June 20, 2008

Muscle Car Workout

Here are some pictures from the official Muscle Car Workout Photoshoot:

And Photos from the first week of filming:

Monday, June 9, 2008

Some Exciting News!!!

I have some big news :) I auditioned for a hosting position of a new PBS show last wednesday and I received a phone call stating that the job is mine :)

The show is titled Muscle Car Workout Show and I will be the host! My co-host, Alan, has been in the car industry since he was 8 years old; therefore, he is the "Car Guy". He and I will be given a script, but the show is intended to be lightly script with Alan and I conversing and working on the car. We are supposed to be as natural as possible; therefore you will never see either of us looking directly into the camera. By the end of the season it will be topics we are discussing rather than a memorized script.

Season 1 will be seen on WCEU which is a PBS station here in Central Florida. The eventual goal is for the show to go to National Distribution on PBS. I have not signed the contract yet, but I go in tomorrow to do that. I will be signing on for 13 (30 minute) episodes and they are starting to look into season 2 topics!

I extremely excited about this new opportunity and I feel the same about competing in the Miss Florida USA Pageant next month!!

Megan Clementi
Miss Volusia County USA 2009

Miss Florida USA Orientation!! June 8, 2008

(more info coming soon!!)

Our Day at the Beach, June 6, 2008

Day 2 was our off day and boy did we take it off! After a lack of sleep the night before, we made up for it by getting a whopping 13 hours of sleep!!! We did not wake up until 11:45 am!

When we were finally up, we put some breakfast (or I guess lunch) in our tummies and headed over to the fitness center. We worked out for about 40 minutes doing various cardio activites. My fitness trainer, Arnold, has me doing all sorts of things like walking backwards and doing lunges on the treadmill. After cardio we threw on our swimsuits and headed to beautiful Keating Beach.

It was gorgeous outside. There were not a lot of people, the water was blue, and the sun was out. The weather was just perfect with a constant cool, breeze coming from the ocean. We stayed at the beach for a bit and then decided to go to the mall to shop and to Season's 52 for dinner :)

We pulled up to Season's 52 at 7:50pm to put in our dinner reservations. The next hour was spent shopping, which we all made at least one purchase. By 9:20, we were at a candle lit table enjoying edamame and flat bread. The neat thing about Season's is that there menu is seasonal so it changes and everything is under 475 calories! All the food was delicious and we had plenty left over to box up.

We were home by 11pm. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day :)

Day 2......CHECK

Pre-taping Day 1, June 5, 2008

Jackie, Emily and I met up at my place in East Orlando on Wednesday night at 9:30 to start our drive to Hollywood, Florida. Yes I did say start our drive! With all of our busy schedules, that was the earliest we could leave. We had an uneventful drive with a Taco Bell and gas station pitstop (not to worry Arnold, we ordered healthy :)

We arrived in our room at the hotel at 1am and were a sleep by 2am. Just enough time to be up by 5AM!!!!!!
By 6:30, we were at Tel-Air Productions trying on our opening number dress. Thursday pre-taping day is a great day to attend because there is not an overwhelming about of contestants (there were 11). Meeting the 11 girls before Saturday's seminar made it that much easier for me to meet all the other girls on Saturday.
Once everyone had their dresses on we left and headed over to the Westone Diplomat Resort and Spa. Anastasia (one of the contestants) rode with us. We spent all morning outside the Weston Diplomat Resort and Spa on their beach filming our introductions and interviews. The beach was beautiful and the host hotel is amazing. It was a perfect day to be outside.

Once we were finished, we went inside and taped the prize package, packed up, dropped off Anastasia (who happens to be a sweetheart), and headed back home. Although we had a full 6 hour day it was only 12:30! So we stoped by Friday's for lunch, layed out poolside at our hotel, went grocery shopping at Publix, and finally fell asleep at 11pm watching TV! Day 1 was complete :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

May 25, 2008 Photo Shoot

(more info coming soon!)

May 25, 2008

Miss Space Coast USA & Teen USA Pageant
(more info coming soon!)